RCM Approval

To import electronic products into Australia, the responsible supplier is mandated to prepare documentation and apply RCM label. Here's what to do to get ready.

Electronic products are categorized into 3 types under Australian law. Each and every category is described as noted on the side.

Category I the low-risk products of DC-power supplied or short range emitting radio
Category II the medium-risk products of RF functions using protocols such as BT, Wifi, or AC-powered electronics
Category III the high-risk products of telecommunications functions

For example, a USB power bank draws power only from batteries, and therefore it's categorized into the low-risk products. The appropriate test standard is AS/NZS CISPR32

Before a test begins, you're required to
① Provide user manual and product spec.
② Demonstrate functions of the product and determine test mode
③ Provide in-country responsible supplier, if you don't have one in Australia, Interocean can help you.

After tests are all passed, you will get
① Test report
② Declaration of Conformity which will be signed by the responsible supplier

Test report and documentation relevant to the product shall be kept by the responsible supplier for at least 5 years after initial introduction to the market.

If you're interested in RCM, get a quote and information via service@ietc.com.tw